Thursday, October 16, 2008

Pre Move 2nd Installment

The good news is you won't be subjected to lame numerical titles for much longer because we will be moving to Lancaster in exactly one week from today.

The semi bad but at the same time exciting news is that it will be for only one week before we are off again to Kigali, Rwanda for a six month tour of duty. We are excited for an unexpected twist in our story and that our new life adventure became all the more adventurous with the past few days developments.

We're busy packing up our home, pricing items for our moving sale, saying goodbye to friends and family and (Rob would have it no other way) saying goodbye to favorite Atlanta eateries.

We were really excited about moving to our new hometown, making new friends-reconnecting with old ones, and everything that comes with establishing ourselves in a new city. I think absence from Lancaster for the next 6 months will only make us more excited to return there after our time in Rwanda.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Pre Move 1st installment

Even though we aren't in Lancaster yet, I decided to go ahead and begin posting our pre-move activities. Below are photos taken in Harrisburg, PA and one from the tax accessor's website of our new home. I don't have any from Lancaster, and after thinking about it for awhile I decided I didn't take any for fear of looking like a tourist in my new city. No worries, that will all change once we're actually there. I also hope to post I video I made at the onset of our journey of a very sleepy husband at the wheel.