Tuesday, July 21, 2009

We've Moved...and We're Pregnant!

Dear Friends and Family,

We're back in the states and things are moving fast for us! Not only have we've moved from Rwanda to Lancaster, but we're also getting ready for a baby. We're Pregnant!

Here is our new contact information:
218 East Orange Street, Apt. 1 Lancaster, PA 17602 215.715.4801 (Danielle) 215.715.4158 (Rob) Email: hartleyhartley@yahoo.com; hartley.danielle@gmail.com
Blog: hartleyhartley.blogspot.com; hartleylancasterliving.blogspot.com
Skype: robertpaulhartley; daniellehartley

We're busy settling into our new apartment and tackling a long list of to-dos that comes with an across-the-world move and a baby on the way. Rob is continuing his work with HOPE International at the central office in Lancaster, and he’s enjoying it immensely. Hopefully, we'll be at home in our new area in time for Hartley baby's debut in February.

We’d love to hear from you now that we’re back, and you're welcome to visit us in Lancaster anytime!

Danielle and Rob