Sunday, March 18, 2012

3 month-date

We have arrived! Officially 3 months old and out of the newborn phase. It is bitter sweet, but oh man, you really can tell when you've turned a corner. And these brief periods of respite before challenges of the new age arrive are so restoring.

I recently packed away the kids winter clothing and Nora's layette. It is really difficult to say goodbye to this phase, everything certainly is moving too fast the second time around.

Baby girl is a mover and shaker. She kicks, squirms, wiggles and is even trying to sit up - that or do baby crunches. I believe she has discovered her feet, or at least that she can move then and reach toys with them. She is constantly in motion. She also is entirely vocal. She adores being talked to and enjoys coo-ing back. She makes the best faces and sounds.

She has recently begun to love her toys and takes her time at the baby gym seriously. The sun in one hand, elephant shaker in the other. She's getting a real work out these days. She is also even more into following Elijah around. She's seeing pretty well these days and can follow his darting movements a little better than when she was a younger gal. She has also developed an affinity for TV. It doesn't matter what's on- though she prefers Cat in the Hat.

She's still an awesome sleeper. And I credit a reprieve in gray hairs to my getting more sleep than I ever dreamed possible with two little ones. It also seems that she is settling herself into a bit of a daily rhythm which is also cool. She's pretty flexible and easy-going; she's my "take along baby".

We had a short battle with thrush and a momentary stall in weight gain that spurred worries in me of my pediatrician wanting to supplement. He, however, was not at all concerned with the stall. He said she looked perfectly healthy and let's just wait and see. "But she's supposed to gain an ounce a day" I shouted. Turns out babies do grow in fits and spurts - she gained a whole pound last week alone and all worries of a skinny baby are over.

She remains a completely different nurser than Elijah. She does not linger over her meals and often does not want to nurse to sleep. When she's done - she's done and if I try to coax her to eat a little bit more, she screams. She wants to eat and then go about her business.

How I love toothless baby faces!