Saturday, March 12, 2011

Future professions?

They say what you enjoy doing as a child clues you into what job you'll be most passionate about as an adult.

I'm wondering what these pictures of Eli's favorite past-times say about his future career.

Zoo Keeper? Forget the no-spill wonders of these snack cups; they obviously make better cages. Eli prefers to keep his cereal storage and animal round-up endeavors separate. Though, it wouldn't be right to keep a zebra caged without cheerios sustenance.

A rescuer? Noah and his crew were in big trouble when his boat sprang a leak. Eli helped them find safe harbor in a bottom kitchen drawer. It wasn't easy. The child-safety lock made the job tricky, but Eli was determined to get them all to safety. And sure enough, Noah, a giraffe, and an elephant were wedged through one by one.