Monday, December 14, 2009

Wake up with Regis and Kelly

Now that I'm not working I have time to enter sweepstakes like Regis and Kelly's. You're supposed to send in a photo of you right after you wake up. This is me and my coffee cup of milk. Mmm.

I am crossing my fingers that they call me and we win a trip..or even the consolation prize of a 500 gift certificate would be way cool.

More pics from Thanksgiving Weekend

In honor of my Aunt Barbie!

Me and Rob and Baby before the GA/ GA Tech Thanksgiving game (we are all smiling). This is baby's 1st GA Tech article of clothing.

Rob eating the Christmas Tree at the Tree lighting

Santa being rescued from the roof at the Tree lighting.

Tuba players

Other Pics from the weekend

The Lancaster City Tree. It was a bitterly cold night after Thanksgiving but how could we not go out and see the tree lighting after hot cocoa at the neighbors!

Rob and Parents
Rob and wife
Danielle and Cylo comparing bellies. Cyclo is the mascot of Lancaster's minor league team. He made a guest star appearance at the Tree lighting.

Our Charlie Brown tree. Those of you who went to our wedding will remember it's prominence at the reception.

A very Hartley Thanksgiving

our very fun advent house. We're loving it! Each day either Rob or I get a small gift from the other, like a massage, money for the vending machine at work, or a movie rental. Most of the time the gifts are free which we especially like. Last Friday, Rob's gift from me was to go see Reindeer at the grocery store. Yes, A live reindeer. It was amazing and I may have enjoyed it more than him :)

They look better than they actually were... Over baked a little - pregnancy brain struck again!

The total spread along with Friends from Work (the Treppman's), Rob and Ted & Fran!