Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Evening at the Symphony

Last Friday night, a friend at church who is a symphony patron gave us his tickets a concert which he and his wife would miss due to a mission trip. Rob and I gratefully accepted and enjoyed a holiday evening out on the town. We walked to the Fulton Opera House on Prince St. on a mild northeast November evening, making sure to arrive early so we could check out the building. The Fulton used to be an old jail, and by old I mean pre-United States in the early early 1700s. There only original remnants of the jail is an original wooden door with a steel padlock and a plaque next too it describing the history. The Fulton is also supposedly haunted.

The concert was excellent. Strings, then chorus accompaniment, intermission, amazing piano-string-chorus, and then the full orchestra. We walked across the street afterwards for a coffee/tea treat before taking a longer stroll home. The bottom picture is from upstairs in the Fulton picturing Prince Street Cafe. It was a great evening out. And I can't help but think it will be one of our last really special date nights before we have to find a baby sitter!

27 week appt by the numbers

87 - glucose level after sick sugar drink (baby boy flipped out having such a jolt of sugar) Good news is no signs of gestational diabetes.
10.2 - iron level in blood. Must begin taking iron supplements since diet only isn't doing the job
8.5 - number of lbs gained since last much for the 1lb a week guideline
29 - weeks my belly is measuring
3 - weeks until my next appt.

In other good news, we have a good baby who listened to his mama's pep talks to head down!

Friday, November 13, 2009

I want my baby

to look like his dad. 12 more weeks until we find out if he does.

Monday, November 9, 2009

26 1/2 weeks pregnant

The belly's grown a bit in the past 6 weeks and the cheeks are a little fuller. We decided to take these photos outside so you can also see our awesome fall leaves.

Crabs we had'em

DC friend Matt Bryan invited us down to Baltimore to a crab joint for crab festivities. Rob and I tried our hand at eating whatever type of crab this is Maryland style (little hammers, but disappointingly no bibs).

I enjoyed my first few bites until I heard Rob say, "Ouch!" followed a few seconds later by, "Is crab meat supposed to be pink" He had cut his thumb on the shell and bled all over the crab meat inside the shell... oh gross. It was return of 2 month pregnant morning sickness. That and those little guys reminded me too much of crawdads.

Justin posing with his crab because Rob was giving his pregnant wife a hard time about her wish for a crab photo op.

Rob triumphantly holding a crab that would not get the better of his other thumb.


These are some pics from our 1st Halloween in Lancaster! I bought a huge pumpkin and evoked quite a few grins from other shoppers as I left with my big round purchase on the hip of my big round belly.

Rob carving the pumpkin... this is serious work. My job was to scoop out the guts and cut off the hat.
Do they favor?

Let's hope we're better parents and don't intentionally scare the kid for a laugh when he's outside the womb.

Street view from outside our window.

Ohh. .. yuck.

I was getting ready to post a TON of pictures when the camera battery died. I didn't think it had to be charged if it was plugged into my computer! Ugh! I'll make another attempt tomorrow.