Sunday, September 30, 2012

9 months

Mom, why am I holding this bag of cat food? Are we getting a cat?

We are absolutely not getting a cat.  I need no more mammals to take care of at the moment.

Nora has a second bottom tooth.

Finally she has mostly stopped the screaming! One very smart lady suggested baby signs and we've started using some.

She's also recently realized how great her dad is and enjoys daily daddy hang out time.

She is totally not into solid foods, which is way different from her big brother by this time.  She's holding steady around 18 lbs in the 50% for weight and somewhere in the 90% for height.

After some wavering she's back to 2 naps a day usually though sometimes she'll sneak in a 3rd around dinner time.

She'd lost interest in standing for awhile but now back to it thanks to a standing toy.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

8 months

So, I'm a month behind in posting her 8 month accomplishments - but that's only because I got behind in taking her monthly photos.  So below are Nora's happenings when she turned 8 months.

She's crawling! fast! She began 1 week after turning 7 months.  So a full month earlier than Elijah.  We discovered her first tooth July 19th, the day before we moved.  She began pulling to standing days before turning 8 months.  She is a big drooler and puts everything in her mouth.  Elijah did neither.  She also has an affinity for electrical plugs....  She's still screaming and screeching and some days our ears ache from the pitches she hits.  Right now it's her mode of communication and we're still working with getting her to express herself in (ANY) other ways.

She crawls with one leg tucked under her and when she gets really scared she flies like lightening into our laps.  Once when she was in the bath tub I turned the faucet back on to add some warmer water.  she basically crawled up me while in the bath tub.  She moves fast even in water :)

She does not like baby food as she has a delicate palate- She's not really big on solids in general.  Now she gets what the family is eating either in bite sized bits or ground up in our food mill.  I still have some jars or bananas on hand in case we're eating, say, peanut butter honey bread... She loves yo baby yogurt, grahams crackers, and egg yolks.

 She's a big moma's girl. 

Eli & nora are becoming big pals.  They'll chase each other (eli crawling around too of course) and love to play in his room together.  This is good because it will eventually become their room in about another year or so.