Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Phase 1 Move - Complete

Goodbye Lancaster County, PA.

Rob and I pulled out of 218 E. Orange Street on Monday around 4pm. Just in time to hit rush hour traffic in Harrisburg. We left a POD in the driveway to be picked up later, drove to UHaul and loaded a packed out Saturn with a bike rack onto an autotransport towed by a packed out Tahoe. And, we were off. Eli and I sat in the back among baby play mats, a boucy and a wire baker's rack. How have we accumulated so much stuff since we returned from Africa? I guess a baby will do it. Eli is an experienced mover - this being his second big move. His first, of course, was out-of-utero where his only possessions were a placenta and umbilical cord. Since then, he has accumulated much: pack n play, crib, toys, exersaucer, bath, clothes, I could go on and on.

However, with the horrors of packing, cleaning, and moving out sufficiently behind us, I broke out the Chocolate Wilbur buds and Turkey Hill tea (gifts from our friend Kelly) in the UHaul parking lot. Is it dogs or babies that you can't give chocolate too? I always forget. Let the road trip begin. We made our way down the highway to Roanoke, VA to spend the night on our way to GA by way of Knoxville, TN.

Earlier in the day, I left Rob to finish up the packing while I headed to a Day Spa courtesy of one special friend Heather Quiggle. I anticipated using this wonderful gift on my birthday during those last few trying weeks of pregnancy; however, the little man wanted to come out to play a little earlier than expected and I ended up sticking the gift card to the fridge dreaming about the day I'd be able to get away from husband and baby long enough to be sufficiently pampered. Well, that day never arrived, but I loaded up a sleeping puppy into the car and headed out anyway. He slept the entire time, and my feet have never felt so loved.

Tuesday, Rob and I left the Roanoke hotel a little more sore from moving and significantly more road-weary. We kept it together until about an hour outside of Knoxville, where traveling with an infant after a week's worth of moving caught up with us. An epic argument ensued concerning such important issues as where Rob's toothbrush was, why the propane tank was left in our apartment basement, why Garmin sent us on a detour and who was upsetting the baby more. Never fear, we too are now able to laugh at the absurdities of the afternoon and the Hartley's are staying together. We're really enjoying our time visiting Crossings in downtown Knoxville, TN. We'll be here for the rest of the week until we head down to Alamo, GA for the big Hartley family reunion where Eli will meet his 4 new cousins for the first time!

And, not to rehash any previously mentioned arguments but there are no pictures with this entry because my camera is currently MIA since our move from Lancaster.

I guess this move means a new blog name should be forthcoming.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

PA to GA

There are no pictures to go with this post...just imagine utter chaos.

We are moving all earthly possessions from Lancaster, PA to GA.

Trying to pack up and move with a 4 month old does not top my list of "Fun Summer Activities". When exactly am I supposed to pack? Between nursings and changings? While he plays? That only lasts so long. And our hard core napper can sleep through a lot, but banging pots and dropping boxes are too much to ask.

It is HOT in Lancaster and we have no central air. Nightly thunderstorms have been our saving grace.

Yesterday, I filled bags and bags full of clothes to go to GoodWill. Why do I have so many clothes that no longer fit? Oh post-pregnancy body, I thought we were on the same team.

I'm still somewhat in denial we are moving. I am ecstatic to be with family, but the monumental task of packing it all up keeps me from facing the reality.... 9 days and counting until our move- out date of the 14th.