Wednesday, January 6, 2010

3rd Anniversary, Babymoon, and Christmas all in One

---previous entry not posted due to being 9 months pregnant.... here it is though.

Rob and I stole away to NYC for a short trip to celebrate. We left the morning of the 16th and took the train in to Penn Station.We hit the ground running and I was quite proud of my quite pregnant body handling all the walking and travel so well. We took an NBC studio tour, played audience members for Jimmy Fallon late late show monologue jokes, ate yummy turkish vendor food, saw the Rockefeller tree, shopped, and saw Billy Elliott (awesome!!). The next day.. We took it a little slower and met Meagan in China town/little Italy for lunch and then canolies.
A new friend, after we got back said that he thought "babymoons" were the biggest marketing ploy ever. I heartily agree, but like valentines day chocolates and flowers, why not celebrate and be festive any chance you get.