Sunday, July 25, 2010

Pool Party

We celebrated Elijah's 6 month marker by going to the pool!

We waited for the perfect 100 degree day to go swimming. After liberally applying baby sunscreen (can you imagine anything worse that a sun burnt baby?) and bringing along our rubber duckies we headed to bff faith's mom's pool. On the short 5 minute car ride over, I thought Eli was particularly quiet. After crooning my neck back to look in his carseat, I discovered him dutifully licking the sunscreen off every body part he could reach. I hope baby sunscreen companies test for that... I guess mango scented lotion is confusing to an infant who has just been introduced to the taste bud tingling wonders of fruit.

Eli and Casper the dog became fast friends, Rob and Casper is another story.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Update: Crossings Knoxville

Rob accepted a position with Crossings Church in Knoxville, TN in June! We'll soon be heading up that way...

We are really excited about this new adventure. Rob will be the lead church planter of the new Crossings Church campus in Knoxville.

We went shopping for a home last weekend, and until we find it we are living between parent's homes in GA. We're loving the time with family, while also looking forward to this new beginning with our young family.

Check out the Crossings website and Rob's website.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Rockin' and Rollin' at 5 months

Eli loved hanging out on the dock at Rob's Parents where he celebrated his 5 month marker.

He wasn't quite rolling over yet, but it finally did happen at about 5 months and 1 week.

Other monumental 5 month happenings include:

Eli had the first vaccines ever of his young little life at 5 1/2 months. We got DTaP and HIB, to be followed next month with the prevnar vaccine. He did great, he only silent cried for a few moments and then slept then entire way home from the doctor's office. He never was cranky or ran a fever. I feel good to begin the vaccination process now and am really happy he did so well with his first round.

Eli also began eating and drinking other than at mom's cafe at 5 months and 3 weeks.

First came the sippy cup with water (and a splash of apple juice if Grandma got a hold of it)

and then came the rice cereal

he enjoys both, but his favorite by far is to drink out of a real cup that mom or dad is holding. Rob has doused him more than once with a big swig of water.

Eli also responds to his name, lifts up his hands to be picked up, and has found his feet! This little guy gets cooler and cooler with every passing month.

Rob's Parents, Reunion

So much to catch up on! We have lost our camera cord forever I'm convinced or packed it in a box never to be opened again, so I broke down and bought the neatest thing. You put your camera card in it and plug it into your USB port to automatically download the pics off your camera. I'm sure the majority of the population under 30 is way more tech savvy than me and already knows of such wonders, but it's cool to me.

We arrived at Rob's Parents' home on June 18th. The next day there was a huge Hartley Reunion. I love family and had a blast seeing everyone. It was also really special because Eli got to meet his all of his cousins for the first time.

Below are some pics from the reunion

Rob with his cousins, and Eli with his.

Amy's daughter Hartley (7 months) was fascinated with Eli. Eli had other things on his mind. Sorry Hartley, boys are funny creatures.

Eli with his doting cousin Taylor