Sunday, July 25, 2010

Pool Party

We celebrated Elijah's 6 month marker by going to the pool!

We waited for the perfect 100 degree day to go swimming. After liberally applying baby sunscreen (can you imagine anything worse that a sun burnt baby?) and bringing along our rubber duckies we headed to bff faith's mom's pool. On the short 5 minute car ride over, I thought Eli was particularly quiet. After crooning my neck back to look in his carseat, I discovered him dutifully licking the sunscreen off every body part he could reach. I hope baby sunscreen companies test for that... I guess mango scented lotion is confusing to an infant who has just been introduced to the taste bud tingling wonders of fruit.

Eli and Casper the dog became fast friends, Rob and Casper is another story.

1 comment:

  1. hilarious that he was licking the sunscreen!

    only thing worse than a sunburned baby?

    a sunburned baby who's teething! haven't been there, but can't imagine