Wednesday, June 2, 2010

PA to GA

There are no pictures to go with this post...just imagine utter chaos.

We are moving all earthly possessions from Lancaster, PA to GA.

Trying to pack up and move with a 4 month old does not top my list of "Fun Summer Activities". When exactly am I supposed to pack? Between nursings and changings? While he plays? That only lasts so long. And our hard core napper can sleep through a lot, but banging pots and dropping boxes are too much to ask.

It is HOT in Lancaster and we have no central air. Nightly thunderstorms have been our saving grace.

Yesterday, I filled bags and bags full of clothes to go to GoodWill. Why do I have so many clothes that no longer fit? Oh post-pregnancy body, I thought we were on the same team.

I'm still somewhat in denial we are moving. I am ecstatic to be with family, but the monumental task of packing it all up keeps me from facing the reality.... 9 days and counting until our move- out date of the 14th.

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