Thursday, January 8, 2009

A Recipe from our Table to Yours

Just because I love to cook and because cooking occupies a lot of my time here, I present recipes from Kigali. Perhaps you would like to know how we eat on a daily basis or try to replicate these so that you can be "dining with us!"

I bought think sliced ham from Nakumatt and pan-fried it in olive oil, garlic, thyme and tarragon. Then I got to work slicing my market vegetables very thin: sweet potatoes, green bell peppers, onions, carrots, Mmm. I also pan-fried these in olive oil and garlic. When I was little, a staple side dish my mom would make was fried potatoes and onions. I guess this is a little African variation on that beloved recipe. As the ham finished cooking, I grabbed some left over noodles from the fridge and warmed them up in the same pan that I cooked the ham. I'll say I reheated the pasta in this pan to add seasoning to the noodles, rather than to save me another dirty dish to wash! Either way, two birds, one stone.

And voila!

A lovely meal for two.

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  1. I can see a cookbook coming!!! Sounds wonderful and the presentation is fabulous! (I can see Rob's touch in the food arrangement and photo shot)