Sunday, March 22, 2009

Rob's Coming Home!

So for the past 9 days Rob has been in South Africa at a conference. 9 Days! Had I not had good friends who packed my social calendar and a part-time job, I would have gone mad. I would say I did fairly well while he was away, pulling him out of a session only once to, uh, say good morning and thinking I was going to die only once...maybe twice (the power went out, scary movie, neighbors away, bad combination.)

Every morning I would greet the driver with "7 more days", "4 more days", etc. and he would just laugh. I spent the early evening hours baking brownies, one pan for my women's bible study group on Tuesday, I'm bringing the "sweet treat" this week. And the other for us at home to celebrate his return.

While Rob was away I tried to make good use of my time. Re-organizing the house, catching up on reading, watching movies that I've missed while we've been over here, and hanging out with friends. But the house stayed entirely too clean and way too quiet. I woke up Saturday morning, the first morning he was away after having left at midnight the night before and it hadn't registered yet that he was not there. Then, I felt the glasses on my face. Realizing I had slept in my glasses, I knew Rob wasn't there. He ALWAYS takes my glasses when I fall asleep in them. My heart just fell when I thought about him being gone for 9 more days! It was awful.

But tonight won't be like the other 9 nights, tonight when I fall asleep it will be knowing that Rob will wake me up when he gets home.

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  1. What a "Love Story!" I love hearing about your love both for Rob and for life.