Sunday, November 21, 2010

we've reached double digits - 1 0

Eli is 10 months old! This pic is from the Fantasy of Trees at the Knoxville Convention Center. He's on the front end of a Polar Bear/Tennessee Train. Good thing I only have 2 more of the month by month pics to do because I get slower and slower getting these up each month.

Elijah is loads of fun! He's totally into Peek-a-Boo, chasing games, and riding along on his john deere tractor, patty cakish games, tickling and big open mouth kisses. He also likes to pull hair-but that is not so much fun.

Eli is pulling to standing and even takes wobbly steps along with his ride-along toys or holding onto chairs or the couch. I even peeked in on him during a non-nap to find him toddling around his crib holding onto the railing...awesome. In other breaking out news- he loves buckles, clasps and ties. He studies them intently and tries to put them together. I think he's just waiting for the day when his strength and dexterity are enough to break out of his car seat.

Eli also really enjoys "helping" mom. He helps me fold clothes by grabbing them and crawling around. He helps me cook by banging pots and crawling into the fridge. He even helps unload the dishwasher (spoon by spoon) and dryer (piece of lint by piece of lint).

He has 2 little tooth nubs barely poking through his gums. - Nights around our house have been loads of fun lately with these two shiny white chompers making their presence known. Though mommy is firmly night weaning - and by firm I mean I rock him back to sleep now instead of nursing. He's upper two teeth are also coming in strong, perhaps he'll get them for Christmas.... We sing for them daily.

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