Sunday, December 18, 2011

Our Family of Four

As you can imagine, we've been busy around our house this week, but here's an update on how everyone's adjusting....and some more pictures!

Nora Cate

Our precious girl. Obviously she's probably the best adjusted. She is the easiest baby in the world with a minor exception of some gas issues before bedtime. She sleeps, eats and sleeps some more. Her being so easy has really allowed us time to love on Eli during this transition. She's a great new family member. Some things we're learning about Nora: She has her daddy's looks, but her mama's personality. She loves to eat and a schedule. She's already set herself up on an eating schedule (something Eli never did) and she's gained almost 1 lb in her 1 week old life. Way to make your mama proud sweet girl! Speaking of her mom's personality she also has a flare for the dramatic, but otherwise pretty easy-going. Her cry is either just a whimper or a squeal whale song cry. She also gets the loudest hiccups. Now I know how she shook my belly nightly with those tremors.

I think she is the most beautiful girl-baby I've ever seen. She has Rob's darker complexion and dark eyes, long slender fingers and dark muppet hair.


From the moment we brought her home Thursday evening, Eli squeals "BABY!" every single time he sees her. This is notable because he is a man of very few words. He wants to hold her constantly, kiss her on the mouth, and carry her around. We entertain the first 2 requests every time possible and we're working on helping him understand he can't carry her. Most of the time after he's asked to hold her and we put her on his lap, he immediately says, "no no no" and wants to just look at her. He's a funny bird. But I think he loves his sister already. She's been knocked around, poked, prodded, and I'm sure much more to come by big brother. But she's a tough lady. Eli is anxiously awaiting being about to drag her around like a rag doll.

He was/is a little confused. In my postpartum delirium, I'm afraid he's been scarred by waking up without me home Wednesday morning and then seeing me in the strange hospital environment. Whenever he senses someone is leaving, especially Ma, he's at the door in a flash shoes in hand, not to be left behind again. He got upset one evening when he heard Rob and I talking about going out to see Christmas lights. Poor kid understands more than we give him credit for.

All in all though he's been a complete dream. His biggest struggles have been nap and night time where he's taken longer to settle and go to sleep than normal. The closest he's come to acting out against Nora has been while I'm feeding her, he'll occasionally try to push her off my lap (ouch) and snuggle with me. When that happens, I either move seats and let Eli sit beside me, or I interrupt her meal and hand her over to Rob. Little girl's not hurting for calories and 2nd kids get the short end of the stick sometimes. She's never fussed, though. Very easy going.

My mom gave Elijah lots of attention while she was here, spoiling him with too many treats. Early Chirstmas presents haven't hurt either. And a quiet newborn have allowed for a pretty smooth transition for our boy. I'm looking forward to Rob's parents arrival to help carry us through this time period of needed extra attention and love. We were able to take Eli to the park yesterday on a very mild December afternoon. And Rob takes him with him for each and every little errand. These things have kept Eli busy and distracted. What a great kid.

My first little love


Rob has been super sweet, attentive, and patient. Such a great partner for me. He's picked up the house work for me sense my mom's gone home. And even before she left, he's been pitching in with the extra work that comes with already having a toddler. He's also made me feel special in my post pregnancy puffiness and during those moments after having a baby where your husband knows more about your person than you ever wanted.

He's also been patient with all my requests. "Husband can I have some tea. And please bring me another diaper. And have you seen my pen. Eli needs a drink before you sit down." And so on and so on.

He's fallen hard for this little girl. And I've fallen for him all over again.

Wife, Ma, Danielle

For me, it's not gotten hard yet really. Though my mom just went home yesterday and I've attempted little more since she left than taking a shower and giving Eli a bath. Once we came home from the hospital life has been surprisingly easier than the last time around with a newborn. Being in the hospital was hard. I missed Elijah like crazy. I missed him so much it hurt. I wanted to be with him so badly, I talked the hospital ped into letting us come home early if we promised to come back the next morning for an additional test (baby was Kuhn's +, no biggie). After we arrived home - life began as a family of four and I was able to relax having both my babies with me, sleep in my own bed, and shower in our bath. Oh it was good to be home. This is totally different from Elijah - they basically had to kick us out and I cried in the Tahoe for an hour while we tried to figure out how to strap in a car seat.


So far, it's been a million times easier this go around. There is a BIG difference in the abilities of a full term baby and a pre term baby. Nora Cate nurses like a champ, wakes up on her own to be fed, is not sleepy at the breast and is gaining weight well. I love full term babies and will gladly trade being uncomfortable for a month to have such a mature baby. She sleeps like a champ too, partly because I think her little digestive track is more fully formed and more easily processes what she eats. We have only a minor struggle with gas this go around. For me too, it's been easier. I didn't tear as badly - nor did I lose the excessive amount of blood that I did with Eli. I have a ton of energy - though to be fair, I've really only attempted to dress myself, shower, and write Thank Yous. I enjoy (carefully) wrestling Eli on our bed and am able to play on the floor with him. I get a lot more sleep than with Eli and I've learned more tricks this go around. Nora sleeps on her side (my babies don't do to well on their backs), nursing is easier and more relaxed. We're not afraid of breaking her and we've got all our baby stuff. I'm not overwhelmed with learning how to be a mother. I guess we just know more of what to do this time. I'm just focusing on resting, healing and ENJOYing our new family.

Don't get me wrong, it's been hard. And will probably get harder once family has gone home and people stop bringing meals and gifts. But, I love this life with my babies.

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