Wednesday, October 24, 2012

10 months

Wow! A little girl can reach a lot of new accomplishments in just a month.

Nora is now waving! And she even waves bye bye when I'm getting ready to tell some one good bye on the phone. - As in,  "hurry up mom, i've waited long enough for your undivided attention." She is also very proud to give high fives and is working on the art of the fist bump.

She said her first word " banana" - this of course in addition to mama and dada.  She let go a roar of a Banana when I was getting breakfast together and I gave Elijah a banana after first offering it to Nora.  It was if she was saying, "NO! Give it back! That banana is Mine!"  We've also heard the occasional "spoon"

Other words she can say "Bye bye" and "Uh-oh"  My favorite is when she purposely hurls objects to the floor, leans over and says - uh oh.  I knew my girl was going to be a talker.

She's becoming more able to communicate all around.  And is picking up on some baby signs we've been using - most regularly she'll sign "all done" when she's in her high chair.

She's still not a big eater and prefers to scavenge for her food under the table once she's signed "all done"

She got her 3rd tooth this month.  She's pretty steady in that once one makes it's way to the surface she starts on the next.  Teething has been no fun for this girl and she makes it well known to the world that she is not happy.  I recently bought a food mesh thing that we put an ice cube in for her to chew on.  It's been a life saver and great invention.  Along the same note, I now understand - fully- the term "cry baby." Though I am thrilled that the screaming phase is over and greatly prefer the crying to the screaming.  She gets really frustrated when she's tired and sometimes cries when her brother scares her.  We really can't blame the girl - she just wants to be known and protected from brother induced falls.

She's gained so much control of her body this month - She's on and off riding toys, in and out of our outside play car, and is standing up and cruising around furniture.  I saw a commercial recently that said something about your baby only being a baby for the first year- that's not true, right? I get at least a solid 18 months of baby-ness.

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  1. You can put frozen breastmilk or frozen baby food cubes in those mesh feeders too! Or you can put a fresh banana or peach and it'll strain it for them as they eat it. We love ours :-) neat invention! I hate teething too, good luck!