Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me

Today I celebrated my 26th Birthday.

Rob and I woke early early to pack for our week long trip to Kigeme and Cyangugu. (We couldn't last night because the power went out just as we were about to begin.) We managed to eat some blueberry muffins that I made last night and we're out the door before 8.

Rob bought me a Toblerone candybar and apple juice before we were too far outside Kigali and announced to the truck, "Do you know what today is? It's Danielle's birthday."

We arrived in Kigeme and heard from HOPE's champions on how they saw their program going and then ate a wonderful lunch. We had a short break and then went out to the field to meet two savings groups. One group was comprised of former street youth who have adopted the savings group methodology and undergone a complete transformation. We saw one man's home and family, as well as, the group's shared cows and gardens. A main income generating project of the men is growing eucalyptus trees. We then walked down the road a bit to visit with a group that has just been started up in the past three months. This group has been spurred by the success story of the first and reaches out to youth on the streets. They meet a few times a week, play soccer, and learn about the benefits of savings.

A managed to squeeze in a few hours work of my own and soon it was dinner time. A day in the life. Here's a birthday picture of me in case you want to see my 26 year old-ness.


  1. 26 is so hot right now.

  2. Happy Birthday!!!!!! We need to schedule a Skype. MeeMaw got me a webcam for my 40th this week. 40? Can you believe it? We love you guys!!!!