Monday, May 4, 2009

Back in Rwanda

We landed in Kigali around 7pm April 28th. I spent the next few days recovering from jet lag and a cold. Life is now returning back to our version of normal and I'm really happy having had the chance to visit home. It was great to see family although much much to short to get everything in.

Sunday morning as we flew through Atlanta on our way to Philly we were able to grab a Popeye's chicken biscuit and Sunday paper. Oh, that one hour layover - drinking coffee, reading the paper, in the bustling of an early Sunday morning airport scene was one of the things I enjoyed most while home.

Rob returned to playing ultimate yesterday, I'm still on the DL. Although thanks to my nifty new brace I'm healing faster than ever. Our ultimate group has changed locations to a secondary school up the hill from where we used to play. Students come out in droves to learn the game.

We've been playing a lot of Dutch Blitz lately, a card game Rob got in his goodie bag at the directors' retreat, and we're back to having nothing new to watch. We went through season 4 of House and Season 1 of the Big Bang Theory in about a week. Good thing a new Lost will come on Wednesday which means we'll hopefully have it for Friday night.

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