Friday, May 28, 2010

Bradley Get together

Our Bradley Birth Class had a cook-out/reunion a few weeks ago now that everybody's babies are here. The babies' ages range from about 5 months to 6 weeks. Some people had their babies at home, others in hospitals or birth centers. For most of us this was our first baby, but it was all of our first attempts at a natural child birth.

We learned so much together in our Thursday night classes. Much more than any of us expected, I'm sure. But so much more than learning how to work with our bodies to birth our babies, we learned a way of parenting that has helped shape the parents we're learning to become. I feel like our group has gotten hit a little hard as pretty much all of us have had some sort of scare or trauma surrounding our new babies. But equipped with the knowledge from our Bradley classes, we learned how to work with the medical community to achieve the best outcome possible for our young families. I can't recommend the Bradley method enough!

It was such a sunny day and so great to get together. We shared birth stories, ate hamburgers, talked about hitting and missing milestones, ate hot dogs, and introduced future best friends and spouses.

From Left to Right: Kelly (one of the most influential people in my new mothering endeavors), Eli (looking for lunch), Danielle (a few more gray hairs than last summer, but all in all looking pretty good after 4 months of motherhood)

Look at all those babies! In no particular order these are the fruits of our birth class. Evenly divided- 3 boys, 3 girls

Husband and baby. Looking good guys.

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