Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Veggie of the Week

I often blog about Market. Like most people in Lancaster City, my life pretty much revolves around Market days. It's an excellent place to get local seasonal veggies, a cup of coffee, fresh baked goods and breads, even plants, flowers, and teas. At about a mile round trip from our house, it was a great distance for a pregger to walk. And now, it works too with Eli externally in tow

Having Market close by has lead to my institution of our "Veggie of the Week" program. Every week, I choose a new and exotic vegetable, like beets, and cook it a couple of different ways to see if we like it at all. For example, parsnips are fantastic roasted, but disgusting in a crock pot. Google has been a great friend in giving me recipes to try, as well as old ladies at Market.

Some recent favs- fennel (in eggs), cauliflower (mashed like potatoes) and swiss chard (sauteed like spinach). It makes for great fanfare at the dinner table and I'm hoping to sneakily make our family healthier by adding to my vegetable recipe repertoire.

Below is a completely unrelated picture taken a few weeks ago of a Bluegrass band outside Central Market one Saturday.

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