Saturday, January 15, 2011

New Year Goals 2011

There are 6. They are not resolutions - they are real measurable, actionable goals. I'm not a big fan of New Years..I know, yet another holiday that I don't like. But this is not because strangers, movies, and candy are all trying to scare me, but because it's a new beginning. I'm too sad about the old year ending- all the friends we've made, places we've been, and memories we've collected- to be excited about a new beginning. So, to get excited about the possibilities of this New Year, I've made the list.

1. Date my Husband: confession, Rob and I have not had a date sans baby since the existence of said baby. Why? Because our life has been one big ball of transition and I substituted our mobile lifestyle with out constant presence for Eli's security. Right or Wrong, it's what we did. But now, guess what, baby? we're soon moving into our own home, i.e. planting roots, i.e. in need of a baby sitter...pronto!

2. Plant a Garden: Digging in the dirt feeds my soul. Watching plants grow, harvesting veggies, gathering herbs, oh, heaven. I feel creative and like I've stripped away everything that gets in the way between me and God when I'm immersed in my plants. While I've known this about myself for a long time, I had no idea that everyone didn't feel the same way. Just since reading, Spiritual Pathways, in our small group was I reminded that we are all different. Our new home has a big yard and a great garden space that has long been neglected. I cannot wait to make it beautiful and growing again. I'm so happy that we will soon be in a place that allows me that opportunity. I've already made a list of the heirloom seed packets I'm ordering from a magazine, hopefully next week.

3. Take a Vacation: It's been while since our last real vacation. We've tagged on vacations here and there when we were flying overseas often. And during Rob's job transition we also had a couple weekend vacation like adventures. But a true, planned, quiet, toes in the sand vacation has been quite some time. Rob and I believe that a season of restoration is beginning for us and as part of that we will be dedicating funds and time to supporting a beach town at sunshine, USA sometime this summer. Hopefully, this beach town will also come equipped with population 1 babysitter.

4. Start my business: So if you haven't heard I've just become a certified Bradley Method Childbirth Instructor and Birth Doula. I've been working on my certification process ever since Eli was born. The birth of our son was so (it sounds cliche) life changing and awe inspiring that I had to help women have positive birth experiences as well. And somehow, I get the same tingly feeling learning about the wonders of our bodies during pregnancy and birth that I do gardening. Somehow it's gotta be related to how I understand God as creator. Amazing! So I've completed my student teaching, course work, and training workshop. I've got one website up and running (the really base one that Bradley wants us to keep up for their directory purposes), placed an order for my students' work books and placed a bid on an ebay female pelvis. I'm on a roll, but whenever I tick one to-do off my list, I come up with 2 more. In the near future, I need to order business cards, explore some more advertising possibilities, and get a for realsies website up. So far I've had 3 inquiries into my Childbirth course and 1 concerning the possibility of being a Doula.

5. Get Financially Organized: Rob and I do pretty well with our finances. We don't have much, but what we do have, we've managed well. However, we need to tinker a bit here and there. We'll soon be paying a mortgage and need to save for future home repairs/emergencies. We'd like to start making our money grow because I love being able to stay home with my babies and somebody's got to send them to college if they'll go. We'd like to buy some more insurance, etc. Not the most thrilling of goals, but hey, it needs to be done.

6. Spend Differently: We've already started this in the Fall, but it's a transition and been difficult while we've been living in transition. Besides groceries and health, we have a sort of order to our purchases. If it's not something we need, we don't buy it. If we need to buy it, we see if we can't borrow it. If not, we try to find it used. This option works for most anything and I've gotten over feeling weird about it or out of place in second hand stores. It's actually been a lot of fun and forced me to be more creative with solving needs. Like re-purposing old furniture, painting instead of replacing, buying fabric for do-it yourself jobs, etc. Not only does this indulge our cheap side, but when you get something off Craigslist or visit a second hand store you usually walk out with your found object and a new relationship-frugal people love to talk. If we must purchase something new, or for those fun little shopping sprees, we try and buy local. This sometimes undoes the cost savings we'll reap with borrowing or buying used, but we feel it's worth it to spend our dollars reinvesting in the community and supporting small business. It's not as much work sounds like, but it does take being conscious about our spending.

This could be a pretty good year.

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