Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Wednesday is my new Sunday

The fam at our Church in Lancaster

Obviously, as the wife of a church planter, Sundays have changed quite a bit. And, while they're almost always fun and full of great friends; they are also often stressful, hectic, and long. They no longer serve as our day of rest and worship too is sometimes difficult with Eli in tow.

Mostly though, I think I miss Rob a lot on Sunday mornings and I'm having to get used to him not being here for them. We have always loved our mornings together and Sunday mornings used to be spent snuggled in bed attempting to con the other into grabbing the next cup of coffee while we watched CBS Sunday Morning. Then there'd be a mad dash 15 minutes before church began - teeth brushing, shoe finding, and clothes flying until the winner of the title of, "First Ready" got to walk smugly to church while the other cried sabotage all the way (I know I didn't put my belt in the closet). A little slice of heaven. Now, Rob is out the door by 6am and I just get a cold peck on the cheek and, "bye baby, I'll see you at church". It's sad really, and I need a little adjustment time.

I guess Sundays have changed throughout my life. In grade school, I loved the peaceful pace of a Sunday; it definitely felt different than any other day of the week. But, there was an unmistakable melancholy feel to Sunday evenings that the weekend was over and another school week would begin all too early the next morning. Then in college, if I didn't travel back to my home church, I would spend the morning relaxing, reading, resting. Some times this would be focused on my relationship with God, sometimes not, but it was most always restoring.

I'm trying to shift my thinking about what a Sunday morning means to me. Trying to lower my expectations a tad and take out some of the stress while I adjust to my new Sunday routines. And instead of fighting to make Sundays peaceful, I am switching my day of rest to Wednesday. So no longer will I complain for and have my mind and body ache for rest on Sundays. We'll get that on Wednesdays. It will be difficult, as I've been attempting this for the past couple weeks with little success. Wednesday is a work day for everybody else. In fact, it's one of only 5 "workdays", when banks and utility and insurance companies are open for business. It means I'll have to plan better so I don't spend Wednesday praying that I don't get charged a late fee. It will be difficult but every body needs a day of rest and every soul a specific time to reconnect with God and each other, sloughing off everything that's come between you that week.

Mine will be Wednesday.

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  1. SO TRUE! being married to a churchy man totally robs (hehe) you of half your weekend lazy days together. i hate having to go to church by myself (or even worse, with 2 kids in tow). great idea about rescheduling that rest time for wednesday!