Monday, November 3, 2008

Dutch Blitz

Wow! Has our life ever turned upside down! We've officially moved to Lancaster, PA. And in one week we're moving to Kigali, Rwanda. Last Friday we packed the Uhaul and headed out the drive at 7:20 pm. We made it to Statesville, NC the first night, York, PA the second night, and by day three we were in our first hosts' home.

We spent the first half of our first week with the Dunn's who were kind enough to answer all our Lancaster related questions and let us know all the ins and outs of Lancaster county during a critical period of geography absorption. We went in the the office everyday if even for a few hours to get to know the people and the organization better. Our week ended with a guided tour of Lancaster City's historical and sociological roots and a Halloween office party for HOPE's children to come trick or treat.

We're now residing with the Fishers and will spend the remainder of our time in Lancaster with them. They are a gracious bustling family with four children and thankfully room for the two of us for quite an extended stay. Rob began his official first day on the clock this morning at 8am. He is in the office today and tomorrow before we steal away to D.C. on election night for a conference the following three days. We'll return late on Friday night, make last minute preparations and then head to philly before our flight leaves out Monday night.

We've squeezed in lots of touristy things in our short stay. More on those later.

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