Friday, November 14, 2008

I've posted new pics on the picasa site here are two.

And Linda, Rob and Josh made it into one of my pictures by accident. So, this is as good as you will get!
PHILADELPHIA – The real journey begins
We caught the 10am train from Lancaster to Philly after our last trip to the storage unit to drop off the car after ALL our bags were finally packed. We loaded our bags onto the Amtrak train and were aboard just barely before the train pulled away. The train ride was short, just enough time for a Sunday crossword puzzle. As we were filling in the answers, I wondered, do they have English crosswords in Kigali? We debarked the train and entered into Philly’s grand train station. I wished we weren’t in such a hurry, It was beautiful and I would have loved to have had a cup of coffee and stared up at the ceiling for an hour. Instead we headed up a ramp with all 8 bags and just barely made it in time for the R1 septa train to the Philadelphia airport. Now, that was an experience. There were many many stares from harried philly commuters and they darted pasted us trying to make it on board before we clogged the doorways. Once all our bags were on board, I was stuck in the middle console between 2 trains were passengers and baggage is not allowed. The conductor saw me there with 2 bags bigger than me plus 2 more prohibiting me from helping myself in anyway. He said, “ Anybody with you?” I pointed down the aisle to Rob who had left me to man the fort while he made space for us and our bags. The conductor, a gruff guy swore under his breath and threw my bags onto seats and spaces in a matter of seconds and we were off. I didn’t mind because he couldn’t have done anything to our luggage that 2 domestic and 2 international flights wouldn’t do anyway. Shortly thereafter he began the call. “Tickets! Tickets!” For the sake of time, Rob and I postponed buying tickets until we were aboard as to not miss the regional rail line. Although, we thought we would be sitting together. Who knew SEPTA would be so busy on a Sunday morning at 11am. As he approached me I gave him a sheepish look; I had no money on me, I couldn’t leave the bags to get rob, I couldn’t yell for him across the car, and I was not looking forward to getting yelled at. He said, “he got you?” pointing to rob. I said “yes” and he passed on by. Come to find out later, Rob says he was left holding his 20 bucks as the guy promised to “get him later” but never did. Turns out we decided he was a sweet guy behind a gruff exterior as he threw our bags out on the platform when we arrived at the airport- that or- he felt we had already paid enough lugging so many bags on the SEPTA. That night Rob took me to my first NFL game ever. And perhaps the best one there has ever been- Giants vs Eagles. Rob planned a special night for me to celebrate our anniversary early and as a way to celebrate me because he thinks I have been a strong wife during all our transitions. It was a great night. It was really cold in the low 50s. We brought a blanket, wore hats and bundled up and were sure not to wear any New York apparel so we didn’t get spit on. (no kidding- philly is a serious sports town). We had great seats complete with the type of infamous characters that Lincoln stadium is known for. Another important item, we ate well. A turkey leg and pretzel for me, Ribs and nachos for Rob. And to complete a great night the Giants won. It was our superbowl and a great match up, my favorite team and our new hometown team.

On Monday morning before our evening flight, Josh Jeffers (a friend of Rob's from seminary) showed us around philadelphia. We all went to Independence Hall, where the constitutional congress met and the declaration of indepence was signed. We also toured the Liberty bell and general downtown area.

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