Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween 2011

First, the season started off with a trip to the pumpkin patch

It's extraordinarily difficult to catch this kid NOT in motion. Does that ever get easier? Perhaps when he's ten.

That's right, real pumpkins on the vine - we love trips to the Fruit & Berry Patch!

"Almost got it!"

My favorite sequence: tasting and then gagging

Obligatory non-flattering preggo and pumpkin pic. I did this for you, Rumble.

Then, we (Rob) carved the pumpkin. I suggested a Mickey Mouse mug for our pumpkin this year, since it's easily Eli's favorite character.

setting up the work station

careful design

And Voila! Eli pointed at the pumpkin and whispered, "Mee Mow?!"

The Saturday before Halloween we went to a couple Halloween parties. Pacing ourselves of course with a mid-afternoon nap.

Hear me Roar!
Eli the Lion

Lots of candy in my kitchen I'm trying to just say "no" to

And on Halloween night, we had a blast with neighbors and some lovely friends on the front porch handing out candy and hot cider. We had 57 Trick-or-Treaters, before we called it a night. Candy, Chilli, and Cider - the three C's of any successful Halloween. It was so chilly our little lion had to turn into a fuzzy warm bear. He didn't mind.

Eli loved his Mickey Mouse pumpkin and tried to stick his nose in Mickey's nose all night. That or he was getting a real good look at Mickey's insides.

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