Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Home Stretch

36 weeks today. We're almost there. In fact, Eli was born at 36 and 6 by our last midwife's records. I cannot imagine having a girl in a week. Being in labor in a week. 4am feedings in a week. Having 2 kids in a week. You would think I would be more mentally prepared for this after 9 months of waiting. And yet having baby #2 is still such a crazy unreal concept! Who's idea was this?!

While mentally less than ready - my body is done-zos. Normally an AVID non-complainer, I whine most everyday, multiple times a day (at least to myself). I pelvic rock on the living room rug, lean over the kitchen island, squat everywhere; all to try to relieve the building pressure, sciatic pain, and heavy belly. My body is most certainly ready to have baby girl out, perhaps that's why Eli came early! Contractions come and go as well as cramping. I'm reaching the - I'm going to be pregnant forever please get this baby out - point.

So I know, I know. 36 weeks preggo - I could have another 6 weeks, right. I cannot even fathom this idea. Throughout the whole pregnancy, I would tell myself, "we'll have her by Christmas." But, now. I want her by Thanksgiving.

My belly now measures big even after dropping. Baby girl is ready for landing. Even though it's felt like a harder pregnancy this go around, everything's going fine - GBS negative, Blood pressure good, weight gain good (34lbs), baby girl movement and bpm good, blood sugar good (after failing the first test I had to withstand 2 weeks of 4 finger pricks a day - yuck!) Note to self - next time do not stave yourself all day and then carbo/sugar load at Chick-fil-a on the way to take the glucose test. Big mistake. I should totally know better.

Elijah is doing awesome - He kisses baby sister in my belly. He also waves and says, bye-bye to her and pulls my shirt back down when he's done giving her kisses. And every morning he wants to see the baby in the bassinet beside our bed; he pulls her out, hugs and pats her, kisses her, and puts her back to bed. If you ask him where baby sister is though, he'll pull up his shirt and pat his own belly!

I can't wait until this is the real baby sister

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