Monday, September 28, 2009

20 week appt by the numbers

95/50 - my blood pressure, can it get any lower...
7.5 - the month's weight gain, Yikes!
14 oz - the baby's total weight
89th - percentile of our baby weight-wise (looks like I'm not the only tubbo in the family)
8lbs - what we can expect our baby to weigh...let's hope it's not more

I also got a little peak into our baby boy's personality. Our office checks the baby's heartbeat every visit with a small hand-held dopplar (think walkman with a microphone on the end). This week my midwife was having a hard time counting the baby's heartbeat. He was squirming around, moving all over, she would get a few beats and then he was off again. She was finally able to pin him down using the end of the dopplar, but that little boy was not happy about having to stay still! He pushed and kicked against her in attempts to free himself. I guess it will be useless to try to slow this little one down when he's got playing on the brain.

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