Friday, September 18, 2009

A deadline

To let you in on a secret, officially, I have yet to change my last name. After we got married, all my financial aid was in my maiden name and then passports, etc while we were abroad and then… I decided an address change and name change may seem a little too sketchy for my credit card company once we moved to PA. Basically, until now our life has been in a crazy whirlwind and I will avoid government offices like the plague if I’m able. I’ve also heard that you have to change some things first and I always forget which one it is… Rob never seemed to care what my last name was and so I was able to float along being known as Hartley socially, with none of the legal hassle.

However, I now have a hard deadline in the very near future. We will soon have a child and I hate the thought of being in the hospital with a newborn and explaining why my name is different, but Rob claims the baby so it should have his last name. no no no. I have less than 20 weeks to make myself a legal Hartley. Any encouragement or tips will be greatly appreciated as I am no less daunted by this task only I have more urgency!


  1. i think its SS card first. after that, drivers license is a breeze and credit cards and junk i think are only a phone call away. i set aside one whole day to get the first two done. still havent gotten my passport. blah.

  2. I am with you, Danielle.. that was my deadline to. I got my passport back 2 weeks before Benjamin was born!! You can do it! Though.. I totally have not done the S.S. card. The few times I am in the States, its the last thing on my mind!

  3. You are in America it will be a lot easier there! Get on it girl!