Friday, September 18, 2009

Pregnancy Brain

After we first got pregnant I read about “pregnancy brain.” At first, I thought it was silly, but now I’m a believer, or at least I’ve got a scapegoat.

Whether it’s preoccupation with thoughts of a baby or an actual hormonal change… I have no clue, but this symptom of pregnancy causes women to be a little scatterbrained.

List of things I will blame on Pregnancy Brain

1. Mailing letters only half way addressed
2. Forgetting to buy groceries which were written on my list
3. Leaving stove top burners on long after dinner's over
4. Undercooking/overcooking supper
And my favorite
5. Putting a chicken in the crockpot only to return home from work to find that I forgot to turn it on!

I’ve also moved up a few notches on the clumsy scale, breaking two of our nice pretty glasses from crate and barrel L (does PA have crate and barrel?) and dropping a fridge pack of coke creating the need for some creative can opening techniques.

All this in the past couple weeks.

Rob is really sweet when pregnancy brain attacks; saying things like, “I hated that glass, I would have thrown it against the wall”, “I wanted Chinese tonight anyway”, or “If you had got everything at the store I would have thought something were wrong.”

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