Thursday, September 3, 2009

Lancaster FALL Living?

Could it really be Fall already? It's barely September and the cool came even before August ended. This is definitely not what this Georgia girl is used to. The temps dipped down into the 50s a few nights ago! What? isn't that supposed to happen in December? NOT AUGUST! Where are we?

I must admit though, after my initial shock at having to wear a sweater while Rob was grilling a few nights ago and my sadness after the local weather man touted, "Summer's over! No more 90s!" (who's happy about this?, I wondered), I am enjoying this season called Fall. It is definitely a reprieve for me and Rob as we have had one continuous season of Summer for well over a year. I'm looking forward to a more pronounced Autumn season complete with Fall festivals, apple harvests, molasses cookies and pumpkin pies.

I'm just wondering, how long will it last? How long before Fall becomes Winter here? I can deal much more easily with the heat than the cold. I hate that my nose and toes freeze all winter long and don't thaw out until spring, how much worse will it get here? We had dinner with friends the other night and they recalled last year when their heat went out and the weather INSIDE was 32 degrees (outside being a mere negative 5) is that possible? I thought that could only happen in Alaska. I can't handle that, my house must be warmer than the fridge at all times.

I've heard that pregnant women are typically warmer than others making the summers unbearable, but hopefully making the winter a little more bearable for me. Here's hoping that this little bundle I'm carrying is a personal hot water bottle this winter.

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