Sunday, December 28, 2008

Creepy Crawlies in our House

I am fine with bugs. In the south we had big bugs. I'm okay with them outside. I have a husband. He kills them if they cross the threshold inside. I thought when we moved to Rwanda I would have to deal with big bugs. But, surprisingly, have not. What I am learning to live with is spiders and lizards. I try to leave the spiders alone because although I do not like them, they eat things I do not like even more. There is one certain spider which lives in my kitchen and I am currently deciding his fate. I'm trying to decided if the work he's doing is worth the heart attack he gives me every time he pops out while I'm lost in my own world doing dishes, cooking, rattling pots around. I'm leaning towards, die spider, but perhaps if I see him with a juicy fruit fly in his web I will reconsider. We also have lizards. There are white lizards and green lizards. The white ones are creepy and run sideways; I don't like them at all. The green ones are okay. We have one green lizard that Rob thinks wants to be our pet. He lives on the banana leaf cork board we have in our living room. Rob took him outside one day and the very next day he was back on his banana leaf as if he were saying, "thanks for the outside time, but I'm an inside lizard". We've decided to let him be. Perhaps tonight he'll get a name if he sticks around. I am okay with these creepy crawlies. I am even more okay with these creepy crawlies if they keep the real big bugs at bay.

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