Sunday, December 7, 2008

U.S. Soil

Yesterday we touched U.S. soil; something that I had not expected to be able to do for the next 6 months. We went to the U.S. embassy located near the airport. Ahh, it was good to breath U.S. air again, and my how beautiful the flowers were! Our business there wasn't dire. Brenna needed more pages put into her passport and Rob and I just wanted more or less to get a sense of the place. We did have some questions though: I wanted a list of U.S. organizations that work in Kigali so I can start looking for a part-time job. We wanted to know how to vote in GA's run-off election. And, we needed to update or registration with new local phone numbers. We were also told standard information that will be useful in the case we need to exit the country quickly. All in all, a good trip.

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