Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Yesterday, when Rob, Brenna and I were out exploring we stopped by Frulep (my favorite Rwandan grocery) and picked up some items before heading to the shop next door. This is what I bought and probably the base components of what a typical dinner will be. The other items are just for showing other things we eat: Baguettes, cheese wheels, and those green melons, yeah those are avocados!!!

Snap green beans – 1 bag at 400 RWF

Potatoes – 300 RWF per kilo, this was 400 RWF

Onion – 1 onion at 150 RWF

For a grand total of 950 RWF (less than $2 USD)

Also exciting news, I found cheap butter!! Most of the butter we've seen has been very expensive—1500-1800 RWF for 250 grams, or over $3 USD for the equivalent of less than 2 sticks. But at Frulep, I found 1 kilogram for 3,000, so less than $6 USD. It's sold in clear plastic bags under the French title "Beurre de vache" (cow's butter) and is half the price of western looking butter. I asked Malu if the butter in the plastic bag would be harmful, but she said no, the government is pretty strict about food regulations.

I also bought a wooden spoon next door for 250 RWF. Malu has plenty of "modern" spatulas and spoons at the HOPE house where will be moving as does every other store in Kigali, but I like wooden spoons.

Just for fun, while i'm adding pictures; this is mostly the kind of stuff we drink besides african tea and water. Splash fruit juices and coke in recycled bottles.

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