Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Our 2nd Anniversary

We woke yesterday morning to find lots of well wishes for a happy 2nd anniversary online and in our inboxes. It was so fun to read all the messages. It was like opening gifts on Christmas morning-but better. Thank you! It's amazing to think we've been married 2 full years and this morning began our 3rd. In the words of my poetic husband, "Here's to two more!"

Looking back it's hard to believe all that we've been through the past years: quitting jobs and all that comes with that, living the extended version of "flip this house" in a foreclosure property, graduate school in economics, and an international move; not to mention the ebb and flow of daily life for any newlywed couple. It makes me tired just thinking about it, but to us for so long- that was normal. Our successful 2 year marker, however, is the result of more than just our effort alone: Family more supportive and loving than we understand, invested friends that fit the definition of family far better than friends alone, and mentors whose wisdom encouraged us on our path that sometimes seemed too hard and elusive. Often our prayers begin with thanking God for these people in our lives and asking to be people like this to those around us. So, thank you for helping us be successful in the most important earthly relationship a person can have – I am a very happy wife and have found my perfect partner.

We spent some time yesterday daydreaming about what we hoped our third year of marriage would look like. We're looking forward to all that year 3 holds for us.

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  1. Happy belated anniversary! Sorry I'm late. Last week was a little crazy with finals. I love reading the blog & looking at your pics.