Friday, December 12, 2008

First Dinner

Last night I cooked for the first time in over a month. It was great to have a kitchen again and I enjoyed cooking. I was really tired from our 2nd day of cleaning; but I thought it would be nice for our guest and also for Rob and I to enjoy a meal at home instead of going out or having toast and jam…again…for dinner. So, about 8 o'clock I started.

I browned some ground beef I bought a few hours earlier from Nakumatt – less than 2,500 RWF for a kilo. So, around $2 per pound; which is great considering the meat is organic and super lean. Ground beef is also the cheapest type of meat Malu says. I don't understand this. I see many more goats than cattle. I think goat will be cheapest.

Brenna, our first houseguest and new co-worker of Rob's, helped by snapping the green beans. She's super sweet and has spent the last three weeks in Rwanda assisting with the transition from Malu to Rob. She's providing a lot of information and is quite helpful during this time. When she leaves on Monday it will just be me and Rob.

We put some noodles on, and cut some tomatoes up in the beef and soon we had a feast.

Add juice, avocados, bread and cheese wedges and we had quite a celebratory dinner.



  1. Hi, not sure how I came across your blog, but I thought it was interesting to see how an American is adjusting to such a vast different way of life. Why did you guys move to Africa? What have you found to be the most difficult transition?

  2. hello, I just figured out how to respond to comments online :) I'm a new blogger! We moved to Africa for Rob's new job. He works with HOPE international, its a christian micro finance organization. The most difficult transition so far...well perhaps this week its that so much of my time is occupied with housework. It takes so much longer to do everything. washing clothes by hand, dishes by hand, ironing, cooking! nothing here is heat and eat..its all from scratch!