Saturday, December 13, 2008

My Chinese Radio

I have a sweet husband. Last night after our first dinner in our new home, Rob surprised me with an early gift for our 2nd anniversary. Ever since the first Saturday we arrived I have talked about how badly I wanted a radio. I dreamed of waking up early on Saturday mornings, drinking coffee and listening to the BBC – A great substitute I thought for my normal Saturday morning news programs. So last night Rob handed me a gift wrapped in the comics section of a newspaper we’ve had from October and a “Joyeux Anniversaire” card he picked up in a local store. I opened the wrapping and discovered a small silver radio. JOY! As Rob and I opened the box and examined the pieces, he told me the story of when he bought it. We were at the Christmas Bazaar I wrote about earlier and he spotted the radios across the room. He kept me from seeing them by distracting me with other things at the bazaar – and went back to buy it while I wasn’t looking. Amazing considering the fact I’ve had my eye out for one since we arrived. Rob said the lady at the booth wanted to take out the radio and show it to him and gabbed away about all the features. He was beside himself thinking I would discover what he was doing and hurried her along as best he could. And the group selling the radios…The Chinese embassy. My radio graphics and its instruction booklet are completely in Chinese (except for some key components). The radio is a world receiver and combining last night with this morning we’ve heard the BBC plus a French station, German, Chinese, and Rwandan. It’s wonderful. I love my Chinese radio; it is the perfect 2nd anniversary gift.

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