Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Expat Women’s Bible Study Christmas Party

The group which hosted the Christmas party Tuesday is an expat group of wives, and oh how I loved it! The women were warm and welcoming, everyone gave me tidbits about where to shop, go to the doctor, get recipes etc. It's everything I was hoping to find. I think this group of women that meet every other Tuesday morning will be a huge support to me. Most of the ladies are missionaries or their husbands work for nonprofits or government agencies. The 30 or so women are majority American I think, but there are some brits, and South Africans as well. The age ranged from teen-aged daughters to moms-to-be to grandmothers. Shortly after I arrived, Christmas carols began, and then a gift exchange game followed by a Christmas brunch—of AMERICAN dishes!!! It was a wonderful Christmas social. It was the first time sense being here I saw so many people at once who looked, dressed, and talked like me; it made me feel like home. I've loved how Rob and I have intentionally tried to integrate ourselves into the Rwandan community and will continue to do so; but being in groups that reinforce your own cultural identity is valuable and healthy as well. This week as Christmas approaches I've really been missing baking goodies, and Christmas parties, and the usual Christmas festivities, so this gathering was absolutely wonderful for me. And the Christmas gift I received…Chocolate Chip cookie baking mix!! I think that's going in a certain husband's stocking.

While there, they invited me and Rob to a Christmas party on Friday night (we're excited!) and me to a cookie exchange on Monday night. I don't normally do cookie exchanges at home; but I guess my going will depend on how starved I am for Christmas festivities and if I dare try to bake 2 dozen cookies in my oven!...

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